Sunday, September 2, 2007

say CHEESE!!!

I HATE CHEESE!!! but when you become a mom you need to understand that you have to be creative and thinking the best food that your kid should eat! Being a mommy is not easy especially for me who's working and i have to budget my time! Before i go to work i already plan what food should my baby eat for the day! It should be nutritious at the same time enticing to their eyes like the sampling booth we have here at SM MAll of Asia-hypermarket, they prepared a cocktail style so that kids will love to go to the booth and eat! Luckily, on my restday i decided to shopped at SM Hypermarket-Sucat and luckily i saw tolits promoting the KRAFT EDEN Cheese, im so happy because my baby likes tolits and of course since he's endorsing the cheese i don't have the hard time convincing my baby to eat cheese! See my pics, cute diba? Yehey! By the way, Eden has a promotion for SEARCH FOR THE NEXT MOM AND CHILD MODEL! on how to join just visit and shop at SM hypermarket because EDEN has a booth there.

Sometimes in just simple ways, you can share your time and have a bonding with your kids.


Anonymous said...

Hello Loida:

Sarah and I really enjoyed your site. What a beautiful baby you have!

Thanks again for all of your wonderful attention that makes the Philippines, and especially ShoeMart, Mall of Asia, the home of Mabuhay spirit.

You have turned us into loyal ShoeMart customers through your professionalism, grace and total attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

We are very grateful to you for your diligence to quality of both product and service.

I will be 60 years old in January. When I was attending the University of Miami, in Florida, I worked in supermarket management. I can say with some authority that I have never met anyone, in the supermarket business, as good as you.

Please don't think that I am exaggerating. It is simply a statement of fact. I have shopped in all 50 States in the U.S. and in about 60 foreign countries.

I supervised about 600 employees at the U.S. Department of Treasury before I retired. I know management and I know a good manager when I interact with him/her.

Again, thank you for your continued excellent service. We honestly feel very lucky to know you.


John and Sarah Sheehan

ms.loida said...

Sir John/Mam Sarah,
Thank your very much for your appreciation.
Im just always here for you if you need help.
God Bless and More Power!
Truly yours,
Ms. Loida

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