Monday, February 9, 2009

2 days na lang

Oh my gosh! Time is really fast! My 9 days leave including 2 daysoff will expired on wednesday. Sadly, ala pa rin akong yaya to take care of my daughter SM. Hay..... But you know, for how many days that we are together as in totally 24 hours kaming magkasama ni SM. I"ve realized two things: 1. Is being a mom 2. Being a career woman.

Being a mom is really a tough job and its really hard! My baby before is now turning 4years old. There's a lot of times that i really discover a lot of things to her. And im really amazed!!? were did she get or how she knew lots of things. The way she talks, really like an young girl with lots of questions to ask. Thanks God, Lolo and lola are just in the next door that they can oversee my baby. (i just prayed that Lola will be OK since she needs to maintain her diet due to her sickness). We'll Sophia Marie always be a good girl. I'll promise that im just here with you to take care, to love and to give you the best that we (your daddy) can. God bless ANAK!

In one whole year round, there's a time that im always complaining! Complaining about work and time.
Old issue, but you know i sometimes its always been a topic. During my leave, i realized that its really hard to be a plain housewife, yes i really enjoyed being a mom , doing household chores and cooking lunch and dinner (since i woke up at 11am, too late for breakfast, thanks to lolo kiko for cooking the breakfast!hehehe).
But you know, still i felt that i need to work. because my body and mind is looking for it. One more thing, there's alot of big companies right now, declaring that they loose billions of money and they have to reduced their employees. So sad, i just pray that God will guide them in the journey of what we called LIFE.
Now, the point of realization is that we are much or I am much blessed having my work rightnow. Thank you God for guiding me always. May You Bless Us All , in family and in work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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