Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Runner Ups Winner for SM hypermarket Blogger's Writing Contest

Great news! I have read " the SM hypermarket blogspot" announcing that for those bloggers who failed to claim their taste asia cashcard prize, you can now claim it at SM Mall of Asia-SM hypermarket customer service and look for Ms. Claudine Pablo(CS Manager).

List of names posted at

Congratulations to all winners!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Yan ang Tama! being Pro Active!

Last Sunday, I saw Jerry humbly assisting one of the regular customer named Ms. Lorna and that customer commented "Mabait yan batang yan, spoiled ako dyan at alam na niya gusto ko" Though he's only the opening dicer who reported that day, he makes sure that every customers will be given quality customer service. "Kaliskis dito, kaliskis dun", "Timbang dito, Timbang dun""Ikot dito, ikot dun" Though he's busy, he still doing suggestive selling " Mam tanigue po?Ilan piraso po?" and i noticed that at the end of each serving he never forget to smile and say thank you to our customer!Keep up the good work Jerry! You keep me inspired and be proud! Mabuhay ka!

Blogger's Party PART 2 at TASTE ASIA

To all the bloggers who attended, Thank you very much! Miss Aileen Kakaiba ka! Grabeh daig mo pa si amor powers! You are truly the Miss Google Philippines tama ba dapat Miss Google Powers!
And to all the staff of SM hypermarket Mall of Asia who joined the forces, and hold on together to make this event possible, To the Managers, supvs, to the SUC's and dicers, Maraming maraming salamat po! At least it was a truly success, bawi lahat ang effort and pagod. Knowing everybody have their great time at taste asia. To the host also thanks, Oist Marcelle Fabie your the great! Galing mo mag magic! To all HO people hellooooooo! thank you po! and of course to all the bosses especially Sir HTS, Sir RK, Sir JYL, Sir ADD, Mam MGT and Mam CLG Maraming maraming salamat po!
Of course, sa naaliw talaga ako. Thanks for all the shots, all downloaded na!
To the Hyperfamily Mabuhay and More Power!
Congratulations po pala to all the winners, To anitokid sir, your write up and reading all the post comment in your posts gives me another reason and to increase my passiom to work here at SM! Mabuhay ka kabayan!
I hope we can all keep in touch.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Blogger's Party Part 2 @ Taste Asia

This is our picture, me and my hubby Babes at Blogger's Fest at Taste Asia last August 23, 2007. Im so tired because we need to prepare a lot and communicate with all other depts. on the program, food, etc. but you know, I was surprised because my husband is one of the invites! Since i am new in the world of blogging, I need lot of time to study and learning it and sometimes even in my spare time at home, i consumed most of my time in surfing the net. Im very much lucky and thankful to have my husband that is always here to support me and understand my work in retail operation. Rest assured that i'll do time management so that i can do all.
He is now also learning how to do blog and takenote! he's much better than me now especially in posting pictures. Thanks Dad! Rest assured that I will not forget my responsibility to be a loving wife, a caring mother and a daughter to our parents. Just beep me if sometimes i forgot, ok?. I love you!!!

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