Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waiting At the Departure lounge

Excited family for our first out of country trip.

Pabirthday ni Bro

For past 9 years that im so busy to my work, this is the first time that i celebrated my birthday with my family. Thank you to my boss: mam bin for allowing me to be on monday off!!! hehehe. truly sm bosses realy tough in terms of work but when in comes to family, SM really a family oriented company because of family oriented bosses that helps and understand... Most of all thank you bro for making this possible.......

Mama i love you though we both have lots of shortcomings still at the end we're still love each other. And no one can replace you mama.

Babes, though im not that perfect wife or sometimes just a border in our house. Thanks for all your understanding and love. Thanks for your patience... I love you... I pray God will give you your break and all your request.

Sophia marie, my daughter be a good girl always. Obey mom an dad. we love you...
and lastly,,,,

Thank you Bro!! For all the guidance and blessings!!! Amen.

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