Monday, August 27, 2007

Yan ang Tama! being Pro Active!

Last Sunday, I saw Jerry humbly assisting one of the regular customer named Ms. Lorna and that customer commented "Mabait yan batang yan, spoiled ako dyan at alam na niya gusto ko" Though he's only the opening dicer who reported that day, he makes sure that every customers will be given quality customer service. "Kaliskis dito, kaliskis dun", "Timbang dito, Timbang dun""Ikot dito, ikot dun" Though he's busy, he still doing suggestive selling " Mam tanigue po?Ilan piraso po?" and i noticed that at the end of each serving he never forget to smile and say thank you to our customer!Keep up the good work Jerry! You keep me inspired and be proud! Mabuhay ka!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Kudos to Jerry! Seldom do you see employees going the extra mile these days. I sure hope that Jerry, his friends, and co-workers see this post. :)

ms.loida said...

Sir anito kid, I already posted this also at our bulletin board. Aside for the commendation certificate, i hope in this simple ways i touches some person's heart. thanks.

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