Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday, was an irky day for me. Lots of preparation needed for our physical count and of course a weekend destination store that needs alot of physical and mental activity just to give our customer's demand and to give quality service.

Just want to share this and i hope you will learn a lot. This is not just a story but a story that you can learn about LIFE .

Prior to closing our store i've got a call from CS manager about one customer who terribly looks so unhappy and dissapointed and he badly wants to talk to me. As I approached customer service section, customer was running towards me and abruptly cried. Without asking anything and what happen to him, i just keep my self quiet and just tapped his shoulder saying its ok, its ok.
This is my first time that i encountered customer continously cried because of anger and dissatisfaction about the action taken by other retail employee that made him so upset. I am not in the position to judge anybody but being in the retail operation we should have a long patience and have heart to our customers to understand, to respect them and to give the best that we can. Anyways, we at operations are PAID for this.

If you are in the retail operation you should learn to be humble. You should not do nor think anything that can harm the feeling of others, we have to be tactful in dealing with them because Customer is our bread and butter. Without their money even a single centavo that contributed to our sales is still a part of our salary received. We should not forget the fact that we're bringing the company's image and anything that we say will truly affects others and can be concluded to everybody.

I ended our conversation thru a deepest apology in behalf of the person who hurted him and I called up the superior of that person to inform her about the concern, for them to give immediate attention. He left the store at ease but still reflecting. I just pampered him and told him that i will pray for him.

Before i go home, im still thinking of my assignment about business planning for it is tomorrows deedline, but instead of checking my datas and reports i accidentally saw one of my book that really help me as a person. My book titled THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren and its really touches me and realizes my purpose in life. Not only to give best service but to be a human being practicing humanitarianism. Not only the passion for work but also the vocation in life. Allow me to quote some part what i've read it is pages 155-156 and here it goes:

Use your ears more than your mouth. Before attempting to solve any disagreement you must first listen to peoples feelings. Paul advised, "Look out for one another's interests, not just for your own." The phrase "look out for" is the Greek word skopos, from which we form our words telescope and microscope. Its means pay close attention Focus on their feelings, not the facts. Begin with sympathy, not solutions. Dont try to talk people out of how they feel at first. Just listen and let them unload emotionally without being defensive. Nod that you understand even when you don't agree. Feelings are not always true and logical. In fact, resentment makes us act and think in foolish ways. David admitted, " When my thoughts were bitter and my feelings were hurt, I was as stupid as an animal." We all act beastly when hurt. In contrast, the Bible says, "A man's wisdom gives him patience, it is to his glory to overlook an offense," Patience comes from wisdom, and wisdom comes from hearing the perspective of others. Listening says, I value your opinion, I care about our relationship, and you matter to me." The cliche' is true: People don't care what we know until they know we care. It is a sacrifice to patiently absorb the anger of others, especially if it's unfounded.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Very well said, kabayan! Being an attentive listener is very important in the retail and supermarket business. Well, come to think of it, IT IS very important in all aspects of life! And I kid you not!

ms.loida said...

Thanks sir for reading my blog.

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