Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Baby Sophia's First Day in School

My baby sophia is now a kid, but even then i still call her my baby. She turned 5 last June 6, 2010. So for those ninong and ninang out there belated gifts are still welcome!!! (hehehe).

Special thanks to Ninang enor, sophia received a school bag, a lunch kit and a barbie pencil case from ninang enor. Thank you very much...

School days are now on going, the first week of the school ended, Sophia recieved a daily stamped Star from her teacher!!!! What a great feeling for a proud mom like me!!!!
Despite of a long hours of tired work, its makes me awake and happy when i see her rewards thru star mark on her hand. Also her very long story of what happen in the school. I pray that God, Jesus Christ our Lord will guide her and shower all the wisdom as she go along in her first journey of schooling.
To you my dear sophia marie, God bless you always, Mama Mary loves you and we as your parents, daddy babes and mommy dada are always here to guide, to love, to support and to care for you. Always be a good girl!!! We love you!!!

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