Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks God! love=gift

God is so good to me and to my family. He always there and loving me. Yesterday, is a quite cramming day for me for i have to review and study my sales in the store coz im attending BM's meeting tomorrow. That night, i was keep on studying figures and facts while my baby pia and her dad advised me to go home and i don't want, because im still undone and unprepared. Without any word my husband fetched me to go home. Im so tired, i just ate my late dinner and went to sleep. The next morning, while at sleep i just kissed my baby and her dad to say goodbye. I hurriedly rush myself going to mall of asia and attended my first schedule of meeting in our Business Ideas. In the afternoon, i attended our BM's meeting. God really guides us and give us strength to overcome fears and to look forward. The meeting ended with the great optimistic power that our TEAM will beat all odds, whatever happens we can make it! To hit our plan. While walking, I then suddenly reminiscence what happen last night, my husband babes who really concern to me and my baby telling me to go home and telling me to take care.... my tears fell down. I felt their support and love.... I feel that im not alone and they are my support and my true strength. Thanks for your prayers , love and understanding.... You both are really a Great Gift to me. Tommorrow is my restday, i will assure that my JOB to be a wife and mom will takes place.

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