Sunday, January 6, 2008

Super MAX talaga!!!

Since then, when i was a child i love to eat talaga the super to the Max fried chicken the sarap to the bones ika nga sa TV commercial! and you know tama ang kasabihan, like mother, like daddy and like baby pia too!!! Taste of chicken is so great that my baby really loves it!
Anyway, I would like to commend people and staff of SM Mall of Asia Max restaurant for giving a great service always, and since then. Before, i thought, why im experiencing good service probably because i know some of the waiters there (because they are my formerly baggers! hehehe) or the receptionists (was my former cashier, hahaha). But you know, its not the way that i thought before, now i believed and realized that all the employees there are trained to give Quality service! Despite of peak month of December, Max maintain the cleanliness and the prompt service to each of customers.
Mabuhay ka MAX!

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